Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

A T-Rex, an exhibit on fear, or cafeteria food: Which do you think is the most terrifying? Most people would probably be the most afraid of the fear exhibit, I mean, they had a guillotine for people to stick their heads in, and there was a mirror in the bottom of the basket so you had to watch as the blade fell. Others would probably say the T-Rex, I don’t know why, but some people tend to be afraid of huge bones with big pointy teeth. For me and the Gatherer, however, the most terrifying part of our trip to the museum was the Cafeteria.

The Gatherer came up to visit me in Oregon over Christmas break. While she was there, we had to go to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), because it is the most amazing thing Oregon has to offer two nerds like us. So we drove up to Portland, got our entrance tickets, and realized we had no food. Of course, during the hour-long drive we had stopped at McDonald’s. I got fries and a diet coke, and the Gatherer got ice cream and coffee, also known as the only-safe-things-on-the-menu for either of us. The no food business was a bit of a problem because we were going to stay the night in Portland, and thus we HAD to eat out. There were no other options. So we put on our brave pants and ventured into the OMSI cafeteria.

Once there, we saw all that OMSI had to offer in the way of food. They had sandwiches, soups, fruit, veggies, chips, and ice cream. The Gatherer and I grabbed a raw veggie platter, some honey mustard and ranch dressing, fruit, and a Dibs ice cream (that last one just for me). Normally, dips and dressings are a big danger for the Gatherer because soy is a main ingredient, used to “prolong freshness.” However, OMSI, being the cool place that it is, makes their own dressings, so we could eat them all. They also labeled EVERYTHING: the ingredients we listed on every package of food. The Gatherer and I’d had no reason to be afraid! It seems going to places that cater to children have more options for those of us with food allergies!

After our delicious meal, we went and saw Samson, one of the most complete T-Rex skeletons ever found! If you are ever in Oregon go visit OMSI; it is cheap, fun, and the food is safe for all to eat (as long as you are careful)!


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    I like the ironic twist to this post; however, I do think some of the editorial voice was lost from the last post on Bucca di Beppo. Also, I would suggest some kind of witty hook to start off with — something to show to humor of The Hunter and/or The Gatherer.

  2. 3

    Call me creepy, but I think cafeteria food is the BEST. Some of the best meals I’ve had while I’m being tourist-y is at cafeterias: The Getty, The Walt Disney Concert Hall, etc. I guess it’s a different situation, because I wasn’t looking for allergies, but I just think they do a really good job at catering to their visitors. I’m glad it turned out so well for you!

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    kbbowman said,

    I love OMSI and their food. They are also very eco-friendly in their cafeteria which I find equally important. I wasn’t surprised that you were able to eat semi-normally here 🙂

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    […] McDonald’s French Fries (as previously mentioned in my OMSI […]

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