Topanga Mall, Woodland Hills

We were out on the town. Did we have any food? Of course not. Why? Because we are idiots. As two people with extensive food allergies, going anywhere without food we know we can eat is just plain stupid. But we did it anyway. Whoops.

You may be wondering where we went; we went to the Topanga Mall in Woodland Hills, California. But Malls have food courts with tons of options for food, why was not bringing any of our own a problem, you might ask. Well, that was what had thought too, and so we brought no food.

The Gatherer and I figured, ‘Hey, let’s go shopping; let’s make a day of it; let’s get lunch at the mall!’ So we went. We go to food court and they had Asian (rice, soy, and wheat), Italian (wheat, soy), Pretzels (not exactly good lunch food, and wheat and soy), corn dogs (corn, wheat), cookies (again, terrible choice for lunch, and wheat and chocolate), and Frozen yogurt (nothing).

Frozen Yogurt was the only viable option for the Gatherer and I. Well, it is healthier than ice cream. But fro-yo, for lunch? Yes. Yes indeed. We had fro-yo for lunch. I had Strawberry and banana yogurt with jellybeans on top (that’s right, I make healthy choices), and the Gatherer had Vanilla and Coffee yogurt with yogurt chips on top. Healthy? No. Delicious? Yes. Dumb choice? Yes. Worth it? definitely.


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    I thoroughly enjoyed the opening because it gave breath to the voice you evoked in your Bucca di Beppo post. Your list in the third section/paragraph was great as well because of the depressing ingredients found in each food vendor’s selection. However, I finished reading the post wanting more. Question pattern, great. But I feel like there was a central narrative/conversation between the Hunter and the Gatherer that was missing.

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    louisboney said,

    This was a good post for this week, and I really enjoyed the picture this time. I’m sorry to hear that the only option for you was the frozen yogurt, hopefully next time there will be more options.

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    Cecily said,


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    […] along with that normally undiluted excitement. The Gatherer and I — having learned from our food court excursion at the mall — brought our own food to the park. However, we decided we were going to try to eat a real […]

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