Sometimes, the Hunter and the Gatherer go places without the other. Shocking. I know. This particular post will take you on a trip back through time, to August 2009. Both the Gatherer and I have been very busy and unable to eat out recently (not to mention that I have been just a little bit broke, thanks to Disneyland…), so time-travel it is.

My Mother and I took a road trip at the end of August to deliver me (and my car) down to school. This was very shortly after I had learned I had Celiac, and I was not confident in my ability to know what was and was not safe to eat. I was absolutely petrified of eating out at restaurants. Somehow, over the summer, I had managed to eat almost entirely at home, or, if forced to go out, only at places that had specifically gluten free menu options.

But there was no way to avoid eating out on a 2 day road trip, and there was no way to avoid the road trip itself, so I had to gather my courage and get in the car.We did a little bit of prelininary research, and found the few things that I can (and will) eat on the go:

1. McDonald’s French Fries (as previously mentioned in my Oregon Museum of  Science and Industry post)

2. Arby’s Chicken Salad (which is normally a sandwich, and must be ordered “in a bowl”)

3. Eggs

Eggs. Not exactly a fast food item, but they are readily available. Whenever we couldn’t stand driving anymore, and wanted to get a real meal, we went to Denny’s. We went to Denny’s a lot. I ate ham and cheese omelets, and nothing else. I didn’t like the other things I could have eaten (veggie omelets, possibly hash browns), and so it was ham and cheese omelets all around. I had them for breakfast at the hotel, I had them for both lunches on the road at Denny’s, and I had it for dinner at the hotel.  Needless to say, I was sick of eggs by the end of the trip.

I think my Mom was tired of watching me order eggs as well. We went to P F Changs the night we arrived at school.


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    This was a nice post because it was almost like that flashback at the end of the movie that puts you back at the beginning and how the main character arrived there.

    However, (overall) I didn’t think the post had much to offer, but it did drive home the point that you didn’t have much to eat (therefore, you don’t have much to describe — there’s only so much one can say about eggs).

    In terms of suggestions, maybe you could describe all the ways you ate eggs? Scrambled eggs, omelet, eggs benedict… Making a list of eggs might better describe the capacity to which you consumed them while on your road trip. I would even consider replacing the current list and just mentioning McDonald’s and Arby’s as a side note but mainly focusing on excessive eggs.

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